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Hi There,

I recently joined a site called Sosbuzz that offers great deals and donates to its member's favorite causes. On you can save up to 50% even on high-end products and services. Since tens of thousands of businesses that are listed on Sosbuzz don't have to pay anything up-front for advertising, they are offering great deals on almost everything under the sun to Sosbuzz members!

For example, if you end up hiring a web designer or kitchen remodeling contractor through Sosbuzz, and you tell Sosbuzz the amount and date of your purchase, once they confirm the sale that business will need to pay Sosbuzz a fee; Sosbuzz will then donate 25% of the fee it collects from that business to your favorite cause, which can be a charity, school or religious organization. You get great deals, your cause gets a 25% donation, everyone wins!

Sosbuzz also offers a 25% commission for people you refer that report making confirmed purchases from Sosbuzz advertisers; so you can generate income with Sosbuzz too. Since many of the Sosbuzz advertisers offer high-end products and services, and the commissions are for the life of your referral, you could generate a substantial amount of money!

I urge you to join Sosbuzz, there is no charge to join and everyone benefits in their system. Please go to the site below and register:

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